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join the uwn and help change the world

Become a member of a special community of empowerment activators working towards a brighter future for women.

about the uwn

The Unstoppable Women’s Network is a membership-based network of women dedicated to women’s empowerment.


We call members of the UWN our activators. They are movers and shakers who support the work of the Keitt Institute.


Activators donate monthly, which helps fund our initiatives, programming, and operating costs.

reasons to join the uwn

  • Be a part of a centralized resource of information, empowerment, and social–emotional learning environments for and about today’s teens, adults, and women.

  • Have the opportunity to voice your concerns, needs, thoughts, and ideas along with other professional women.

  • Be a part of a coordinated, nationwide organization that seeks to fulfill community needs and strengthen relationship ties.

  • Develop leadership skills through our unique, specialized, social–emotional learning environments in order to help you resonate and make your jobs, families, and homes better places to be.

  • Be a part of a network of dedicated, committed, and excited women across the country.

  • Have ample opportunity to grow as a woman and as a professional.

  • Access growth materials through our member site to assist in your professional/personal development.

  • Network with other women at the monthly PowerHer™ Mini-Nar™ Mixers. 

  • Build relationships with women who face the same everyday challenges of balancing family and career in their relentless pursuit of personal and professional goals.  

  • Influence your culture alongside a phenomenal group of women working to make a positive impact on our world.

  • Demonstrate your affiliation with an official KI membership magnetic pin.

  • Have a portion of your membership fee deducted on your taxes.