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Feb 13
Feb 20
Over a two-week time frame, you will learn six strategies that will help you be unstoppable in business and life! Each week you will receive a workbook and powerful teaching that lays out your success strategies
Personality Advantages
This is a four-week email course designed to walk you through the strengths of your unique personality blend. Each week you will receive a workbook and powerful teaching on how you are wired and your personal keys to success. You will also get three bonus tips for being unstoppable every day! 
Women Who Dream Big
In this seven-week series, Jennifer walks you through seven key requirements for your dream journeyEach week you will receive powerful teaching that walks you through the seven qualities of women who dream big!
Mini-Nar™ Web Series
Flourish: Keys To Thriving Personally and Professionally Part 1
February 13, 2020 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM